Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I did this picture of a horses head last year. My next goal is to draw the body along with the head. Wish me luck.

I did this from a basic drawing book. I love roses, then decided to add the thorns after visiting Michelle Wards blog where she had a saying that every thorn has a rose. I like to think that something that can be very painful holds something so beautiful.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My first blog words.....

This my first blog write in & i don't know why but I'm very nerves. i started this to find some confidence in my self, & find out if their is anyone else out there like me. Crazy with locked up thoughts that there is never enough time to get it all out and to hopefully join in on some fun adventures. With any others insane crafters out there who likes to try a little this and a little that. i thought i might try to join in for a Sunday sketch over at Blue Chair Diary. so here it is..........

i really like this sketch it's not all a sketch the face, little man, the roses in her hair, and the lace around the shoulders are stamps and parts of different stencil. i just started stamping. a little price for me but i try to find good deals & only buy with coupons or on sale.

this one i used three different stencils,and a corner lace stamp. then drew the tree. it's a little different for me but it's all about finding my style